Friday, February 24, 2012

"Ef jy" man! Toyota SA's latest commerical success @ToyotaLive

Normally, I'd find this a bit difficult to place for the audience I have on this blog. But this one's different. It's the latest ad from Toyota South Africa for the new FJ Cruiser. The reason why I would normally stray away from posting this kind of thing is because this ad is so South African centric. It will be very difficult for a non-SA guy to get the joke. However, it's so funny I - as a South African - rolled around laughing all morning yesterday.

Here's the joke. The FJ, in the Afrikaans/slangy tongue in South Africa actually means "F you" (the "F" being that heinous word). Far from letting it become a source of jokes with bad taste and hurting sales, Toyota South Africa embraced it. They made this ad and took the piss out of the name themselves which shows that they really have a great sense of humour. They chose not to let a funny name in that culture become a problem, unlike some other manufacturers before throughout automotive history.

Still, the impact will reside with the South Africans more I'm sure, but I hope at least you can give it a shot, watch it, and imagine what this would mean if it was part of your own culture.

Good stuff Toyota SA!

On the other side of the world, the FJ Cruiser has been in Toyota Japan's domestic commercials under the "Fun to Drive Again" banner featuring the endearing manga character, Doraemon. Another cultural hit which generated news headlines throughout the Far East heading the news on all major channels in Taiwan for instance.

By the way, I love the FJ Cruiser. I long to have one. And one in South Africa no less. Then I can drive around, be happy in this retro/modern take on 4x4's and have a wonderful joke always ready when someone asks: "What do you drive?"

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