Thursday, October 27, 2011

#F1 goes to India, and it's not going well

So, this weekend, the Formula 1 circus moves camp to the Buddh International Circuit nearly Delhi, India. However, as this morning progressed, and the media pundits familiarise themselves with the circuit and its facilities, they seem to all be encountering niggles here and there.

Early in the morning, Ian Parkes from the Press Association was instrumental in freeing a trapped bat - yes, bat - which was found in the Media Centre. Through the rest of the morning, Jake Humphrey from BBC F1 reported several power cuts, which, as you can imagine, is ideal for a Formula 1 venue full of TV cameras and media presence.

This is what today's BBC F1 Gossip Column had to say about it all:
The press pack have encountered several problems on their arrival at the media centre at the Indian Grand Prix. Press Association journalist Ian Parkes freed a trapped bat, while BBC presenter Jake Humphrey is concerned by two power cuts.
I'm going to get going with trying out the track on the 2011 F1 Game from Codemasters tonight. Maybe a bat might fly across the track as I go along. Or maybe a cricket ball might fly into my virtual driver's helmet! Who knows!

What on earth is going to happen on Sunday? Well find out when the race starts at 10:30 CET.

Image source: Buddh International Circuit organisers

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