Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In Memory of Mr Ince

Dear Readers,

Someone very special to me, and thousands of others scattered all over the world, passed away yesterday morning at 11:30 - Mr John Ince.

He was truly the embodiment of the principles of a True SACS Man, an icon, and a legend in every respect. His compassion was without bounds and he would happily give, give, and give.

He made the world a better place, and he definitely made a significant impact on my life and my path in the long road in life. The same can be said to thousands of students present and past who ever passed through SACS, and even non-students.

Mr Ince was really a special man. History will look upon him as one of the greatest ever to walk in our Great Halls.

Thank you, sir. Your memories and guidance will continue to live in all of us. You will never, ever be forgotten.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Well said about a truly great and compassionate person.
We shall all miss him.