Tuesday, September 4, 2012

RIP Michael Clarke Duncan

Opened up Twitter just now and saw a not-so-nice trend "RIP Michael Clarke Duncan." Checked around BBC and CNN, found nothing, so thought it must be one of those stupid pranks. Alas, no. The Washington Post, TIME Magazine and HuffPo all confirmed, Michael Clarke Duncan died age 54 today.

My abiding memory of his work, notwithstanding the likes of Armageddon, was his outstanding performance in The Green Mile. It's the first and only movie that I ever watched and cried absolutely uncontrollably by the close.

This is the reason why I never watched that movie again after all these years... The acting, and the story, was so brilliant that I lived every second of the film. There was that rare emotional connection with the movie and its actors - doesn't happen in many movies...

I'm quite certain it's because of this movie that I realised how the silver screen can be just so magical and incredible. One of the reasons in my formative years which made me a movie nut.

Thank you to a great actor and one who brought an amazing array of characters to our world.

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