Sunday, November 7, 2010

Vuvuzela Power at the Publivores

In order to prevent someone else posting this without my OK, I thought I'll take it into my own hands and have a go at it. Yes guys, I'm talking about you lot! All of you know very well who you are!

Yesterday night was La Nuit des Publivores in Brussels, the second of the two nights they are holding this year. For those of you who don't know, the English translation of the event is "Ad Eaters". Basically they spend all night (from 8 PM until past 4 AM) showing adverts from all over the world. There are also a couple of comedians and on-stage activities in-between to keep everyone awake and interested.

The point of it is to make as much noise as possible. They generally supply some kind of noise makers to help you with that since shouting gets a bit tedious after a few hours. This year, I decided to revive my trusty Vuvuzela for the occasion and proudly display my South African heritage. Unfortunately, I was louder than anybody else in the whole theatre setting which attracted the attention of the presenters.

During the first interval, he came to my seat, grabbed my Vuvuzela and ran off to the stage proclaiming that he has rid the night of the ultimate noise maker. For me this is just pure jealousy on their part. Mine was bigger and better than every single person in that room! Anyways, I did tell my friends not to leave my vuvu lying around in the first place. I chased after the presenter and snuck up on stage to reclaim my prized possession. Sadly both the presenters and the cameras caught me.

This is what happened...

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