Monday, November 8, 2010

New F1 World Champions - Red Bull Racing Team

While the aftermath of the Brazillian settles, let's have a quick review to see what happened this afternoon (or evening depending where you live).

Red Bull are champions in 2010 with still one race to go. It's a fantastic result for them, but not something I'm so thrilled about. I've never been RBR's biggest fan and their relative dominance this year made it a bit annoying for me. It's a bit funny, but I can't tell you why I don't like them. Maybe because I'm slightly too conservative in my approach to F1 - yes, I know that's bad. Good on them in any case!

The Drivers' Championship goes on to next week in Abu Dhabi. Vettel took the win followed by Webber and Alonso. Jenson Button is completely out of the running, and seemed to be taking it quite well. Hamilton still has a mathematical chance but he was quite realistic to say that he needs a bit of a miracle to get there.

Alonso still stays in the top spot in the standings with 246 points followed by Webber (238 pts), Vetel (231 pts), Hamilton (222 pts).

The race itself was really exciting with lots of overtaking along the pit straight and first two corners. A Safety Car period 10 laps to the end of the race threw an extra element into the weekend but simply ended up with a massive train of cars in the middle of the pack. They acted as mobile roadblocks for the front drivers but not as severely as it could have been in other tighter race tracks. Schumi inexplicably gave 6th to team mate Nico Rosberg claiming Rosberg has a better chance in the Championship. I still don't see the point, but so be it. Does it really make such a big difference to be 6th in the overall standings?

The final race should be exciting. Both of the Red Bulls seems to have pushed their cars to the limit towards the end of the race. They were lighting up the time sheets with purple after purple laps. The McLarens and Ferrari's Alonso also seems to have pushed their cars a bit to ensure they didn't fall behind. Someone might pull up short next weekend because of this. Watch this space, I think...

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