Sunday, November 7, 2010

Brazillian F1 Grand Prix

After yesterday's shocker Qualifying which saw Nico Hulkenberg snatch pole from actual title contenders by one second, today's race is shaping up to be an exciting Championship showdown. The Williams driver, although not in contention for the title, made the right decisions in changing conditions and was able to out-do everyone else in the field.

When Qualifying ended, the excitement just kept on coming. Jenson Button's convoy, with him in it, was ambushed by armed gunmen in the slums next to the circuit. His police trained driver took avoidance action immediately to get them out of trouble.

The Championship situation looks a bit like this:

Fernando Alonso (231 points)

To win the Championship today, he must:
  • Win the race with Webber P5 or below
  • P2 with Webber P8 or below
  • P3 with Webber P10 or below

Mark Webber (220 pts)

He will stay in contention if:
  • Alonso is P4 or below
The others have an even harder job to do this weekend. Not to be missed!

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