Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Inception (2010)

Just came back from Inception. What a movie! Truly mind-blowing (if you understand what I mean). It was one of total psychological twist and turns, yet it wasn't so crazy that you couldn't figure out head to toe.

It's very difficult to explain the movie, but I think by watching the trailer, you already get quite a good idea what it's about. We're talking about dreams and how to infiltrate dreams to gather information. It's quite a far fetched thought, but Chris Nolen did a brilliant job to make it really realistic. Coupled with the newest CG technology, he could make a truly unbelievable world into something that could be possible.

The storyline is based on varying layers of creativity upon each other which does seem a bit confusing and relatively unbelievable, but it didn't turn out that way. There were probably many decision and turns in the story that could have ruined it, but Nolen managed to bring it on track and produce something spectacular. But apart from the layering of stories, I think there was something else, more...

I think there is a serious underlying message to this film. One which says that life is what it is and death will really not be a solution to the problems one faces on a day to day basis. On a slightly higher level, I believe that there is a message to people who prefer to live in dreams that this is also not the point of life at all. Not that I'm saying the movie answers the questions about life, and why we are here, but it does kind of guide you in the right direction: life is for living.

Taking a bit out of my current personal sphere of being, I think this makes perfect sense and it is an extremely positive message. There aren't many people in the world who could say they are completely content with life. Life is full of obstacles and roadblocks that you need to step over or go around to truly learn and develop as a human being. Whether that was created by us into society or not is a different matter. Ending one's life when things become tough is just not the right thing to do. It never is.

I've never been a big fan of Leo Di Caprio, but he did a decent job in this movie. I do think, however, his co-stars did a much better job. Ellen Page in particular was quite outstanding, as she always seems to be.

It's a great movie, and it was made so that it's not too brainy, yet the balance doesn't make it look "duh." Worth a watch definitely. I now know what the hype has all been about!

Image source: Warner Bros. Pictures

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