Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Creativity Lost... Down There

Apparently Lady Gaga gave an interview to Vanity Fair recently and claimed that she in afraid of having sex because she fears it will rob her of her creativity. Known to be quite skimpy on dress codes, Lady Gaga is known to be very promiscuous when in public especially by the kind of attire she wears. However, surprisingly she is known to be a strong supporter of abstinence - whether she really does follow it, is a different story.

"I have this weird thing that if I sleep with someone they're going to take my creativity through my vagina."
- Lady Gaga, Vanity Fair magazine

My dear Lady Gaga, that's just a very stupid thing to say. Either you've had sex recently and lost all your creativity because this comment was just plain idiotic. I cannot possibly imagine why you bothered to say something like that. It's a waste of the readers' time, and you look more stupid than you already do.

I think the only reason why Lady Gaga wear such eccentric clothing, especially those head ornaments and masks, is because she is extremely ugly. Recently she has relented in the facial gear and you can quite clearly see that she is terrible looking with a gigantic nose. The ploy worked for some time, but it's now backfired. Since no one really knew what she look like for some time, her face became the center of attention when the veils started to come off.

I think this is why she hasn't (as she claims) had sex. How could someone do it? Urrrgh... All of it is a fad. Nothing more, nothing less.

Information source: Reuters
Image source: www.whyfame.com

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