Monday, August 2, 2010

Hungarian Pit Wall

Rubens Barrichello nearly ended up rammed into the pit straight wall at the Hungarian Grand Prix on Sunday afternoon while trying to pass his former team mater Schumacher. In the last corner, Schumi ran slightly wide and started to slide which means loss of grip into the pit straight. Barrichello was on fresh tyres with a better run up after a few laps of trying to pass. But as he came up to make the pass on the right, Schumi drifted towards the right, trapping his former team mate into the wall. Luckily for Rubens, they were at the end of the wall, and he was able to move onto the pit lane exit to avoid wheel bashing with Schumi.

Rubens was adamant that Schumi should have received a black flag for his move across the right. Everyone seems to be up in arms about it. Apparently, BBC Sport reports that Alex Wurz commented that "if there had been a collision it can be fatal."

What do you mean "fatal?" Webber did a 360-degree flip in his car a couple of races back and he was OK. A few cars ended up full speed into the wall, and they were OK too. Fatalities from Formula 1 has being slowly reduced and eliminated in the past few years so that it is virtually impossible to get serious injuries from driving in F1 races anymore. The last serious accident was when a spring from Barrichello's car his Felipe Masa's helmet while going full speed last year in the Hungarian GP and ended up shooting into his helmet and causing serious brain damage.

BBC should really stop interviewing old and unimportant drivers who no longer knows anything about F1!

In the end Schumi was handed a 10-place grid drop for the next race at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. This would almost definitely mean that he would be starting from very close to the back of the grid. In this case, I think he should just boycott the entire Qualifying session since he can't possibly go up to take pole from the Red Bulls or Ferraris and get slotted in 11th place.

Racing drivers are on the edge, especially Formula 1. They should be anyways. They were pre-1990 for sure. We've lost some of that now, and the FIA is fighting to keep it away it seems. Poor decision on their part!

Image source: BBC Sport Formula 1

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