Wednesday, August 4, 2010

FBI vs. Wikipedia

The Federal Bureau of INvestigations, or FBI for short, has sent a complaint to Wikipedia to remove the seal of the FBI from its entry on the online encyclopedia. In a brilliant act of defiance, Wikimedia Commons counsel sent a rather sarcastic communiqué back to the FBI stating that they have misinterepereted the law, and are basically incorrect in their statements.

As such, the seal is available all over the internet. I just did a quick Google search and came up with more than 196 000 hits, with the page plastered with the image in various sizes and differing qualities. Wikimedia Commons also stated that Encyclopedia Britannica also has the insignia on their website.

I guess the FBI has enough resources to go chase down every single format of that image throughout the internet. Maybe they plan to take down the biggest organisations out there in the webosphere, and then tackle and shut down smaller sites furhter along. America isn't as free as everyone seems to believe they are, aren't they?

What a load of bollocks! I'm sure the FBI has other more important things to do, right?

Image source: Federal Bureua of Investigations, retrieved from Wikimedia Commons

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