Monday, August 9, 2010

Dirty Diamonds - Part 2

So now Mia Farrow has directly contradicted Naomi Campbell on her testimony about those "dirty stones" Charles Taylor was supposed to have given her (although where those stones come from is still a mystery based on Campbell's statement).

Still with all this furore... An inevitable questions comes into mind: So what if Charles Taylor gave diamond, or diamonds, to Campbell? It neither proves, nor does it disprove that Taylor was using conflict diamonds to fund wars in Sierra Leone.

If it can be proven that Charles Taylor used diamonds mined from conflict zones to purchase arms, and that those arms were used to support the continuation of the conflict, then we have a case. Proving that he gave diamonds to a model, conflict or not, does not prove anything in this war crimes tribunal. Hence my question: So what?

I honestly think they've gone completely insane in the Hague.

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