Monday, August 9, 2010

Dirty Diamonds

It's been all over the news recently that Naomi Campbell was asked to testify in the Hague against Charles Taylor in a war crimes tribunal run by the UN. Now they plan to bring in Mia Farrow and her former agent to give further testimony against the former ruthless dictator and to support Campbell's statements.

What I don't understand is that apparently Campbell was brought to testify based on some comment given by Farrow quite a long time ago. For the former model, this whole debacle was a huge inconvenience, as she said in her statement. She is also afraid of implications afterwards in the case that this trial results to nothing and Taylor is somehow released.

Campbell said that she was at an event in South Africa many years ago when she was awoken in her hotel room by two strangers at the door. They gave her a pouch with some "dirty stones" inside and said that this was a present for her. She had no idea what it was or who it came from, and promptly handed it over to someone from the Nelson Mandela Children's Foundation.

Without looking deeper into what she said, which was very strange, the world's press jumped onto the bandwagon and started putting out headlines like "Mandela charity received blood diamonds." How dare Campbell and the world's press try to drag Nelson Mandela's image into this mud. Do none of you have any respect for this man who is commonly agreed as the shining beacon of human goodness?

What did Campbell actually say? She said she received some dirty stones which she couldn't tell from normal stones to uncut diamonds. She received them from two men, two strangers at her hotel door. Neither of the men said who they were or for whom they were running this errand for. It could have been Bill Clinton for all we know.

In case you don't know what blood diamond's are, they are diamonds mined in conflict zones in Africa by rebels and governments alike to fund their weapons and war on each other. These diamonds don't have any identifiable traces on them that it is a conflict diamond so they can easily make their way into the open market. However, with detailed composition analysis of the diamonds, their origins can be distinguished based on geological evidence.

I really hope the world's press can stop with all this nonsense. If the UN wants to hold a war crimes trial and immediately discredit itself by associating this trial with a former model, someone who has fallen from grace, someone who also faces anger management issues, then so be it. None of us are interested in this case at all, since all war crimes tribunals are for show and it never really has any results.

Most importantly... Naomi Campbell is not interesting. She was when she was a model and good looking. Now she just looks like a completely fool and exceedingly ugly. Stop putting her picture in the news!

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