Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Could It Be... The End?

There seems to be an increase in both the number of natural disasters and their severity recently. I don't know if you've noticed, but it's just been bad news after bad news every single day...

  • Flooding in Pakistan sees nearly 2000 deaths and more than 14 million people affected. The UN has called for help from other nations for this massive disaster.
  • Landslides in China killed more than 700 people with 1000 people still missing. Further tropical storm acitivity is predicted which would heavily disrupt the rescue efforts. In Zhouqu, 45000 people have been evacuated.
  • Superbug discovered in UK hospitals linked to South East Asia which is resistent to the strongest antibiotics. Scientists fear this bug will be unstoppable especially if it mutates to survive in other bacteria and gets passed along from person to person.
  • Massive heatwave in Russia causing runaway wild fires. A dense smog has descended on Moscow from the fires, and with the heat not lifting at all, some residents compare living in the city to be similar to either "an oven" or "in hell."
  • The unseasonally cold winter in Europe has affected produce such as potatoes. A sharp rise in prices for vegetables is expected due to poor harvests. The same is happening in Southern Africa. Food shortages are now being predicted due to the unseasonal conditions.
  • Don't forget we had a massive volcano attack earlier this year which grounded flights in Europe for weeks. Of course, the ban could have been a bit exaggerated by the authorities, but still.

More to come until it all just ends in 2012? Seems likely, especially if the weather shifts are as big as the past 12 months.

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