Monday, June 21, 2010

Some Snaps

The Princes (and Beckham)

Here's them watching England vs. Algeria - after making up some rubbish excuse to go to "southern" Africa to work on their charity projects, they somehow ended up in Cape Town, at the Green Point Stadium, exactly at the same time England was playing... Suspicious!

Do they look excited? Oh wait, I meant bored as hell, like the rest of us.

Here's the two with Beckham after the famous footballer was stalked in the England dressing room by a disgruntled fan and given a good going at.

Kak√° Sent Off - What Bollocks

See for yourself! Rubbish French ref (see previous post about "le fwench").

Nothing wrong here. Standard play...

And the Oscar, or the Razzie, goes to... "The Faker"

The result of a ref who based his judgement on assumption. FIFA's standards, very high indeed.

Image Source: Courtesy of BBC Sport 2010 FIFA World Cup live coverage. All screenshots taken from live broadcast, or repeats of live broadcasts.

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