Sunday, June 20, 2010

BBC World Cup Intermission

I'm starting to get a bit annoyed by the British TV's portrayal of South Africa now. They keep bringing up the oppression, Apartheid, and racism. This is not just BBC, but also ITV in between matches or during closing parts of the program as a documentary piece.

I'm an honest believer that we have moved out of those dark days in our great nation. There is so much more to showcase, the positive things. Our growth, our innovation, our creativity, our culture, our diversity, our country as it is now.

When Apartheid was going on... Did anyone come and help the unfortunate, the oppressed? Financial embargoes and words did not help us come out into the light. It was the persistence of the people, and eventually some pressure from the outside. If you didn't do much, then don't say things like: "I wonder why nothing was done to help?" You are sports commentators, stop trying to be political if you don't read up a bit first.

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