Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ze Fwench

Well... The French football team has decided to display that true French tradition to the entire planet: a strike! Following the dismissal of Anelka, for swearing at the French coach after another terrible performance, the team decided to go on strike and refused to practice for a day. The Managing Director of the team also decided to quit immediately - another great French tradition: when things go wrong, surrender and run away as far as possible (re: World War II).

What do they gain from not practicing for one day, though? Granted, it's not that one day of practice will bring the miracle of having the French team score any kind of goal. But running around having an internal shouting match, deciding to boycott the Federation who put you there, and doing this all in public will just anger your own fans, if not everybody else. Keep this to yourselves... Don't bring it to the world stage.

C'est fou!

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