Monday, May 10, 2010

Volcanic News: Brown Quits

The biggest news today must be the announcement by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to step down after his party was somewhat voted out in the recent General Election. I say somewhat because no one really got the majority even though the Conservatives won quite a lot more seat. Still, there was nothing much in it between Labour and Conservatives. Gordon Brown decided to announce, finally, that he would step down and ensure there is something of a government being formed in short order.

The EU also approved a massive loan injection into the failing Greek economy. This prompted the world's markets to surge after days of uncertainty and doubt. Hopefully, the Euro will strengthen again shortly. Maybe US President Obama will also stop voicing his concerns, further hurting the European economy.

More importantly though, apart from all of this, is the article on BBC basically saying the volcano next to the one currently disrupting Europe since April may be about to blow. The neighbouring volcano, with a much easier name "Katla," has been on record to blow shortly after the current one (shortly being between some months and a year). This is based on historic record in the past thousand or so years. Even though there are no known linkages between the two, if the historic record is anything to go by, we will be in some bigger trouble soon.

What happens if this one blows, then? Well Katla has a magma chamber of at least ten times that of the current, unpronounceable (see latest NASA image from today), volcano. It would blow more material into the atmosphere, and higher at that. Going higher means it won't necessarily affect flights, at least further into mainland Europe. However, what it will do is start forming sulphuric acid in the upper atmosphere. This will start reflecting the sun's rays and start a process of cooling the planet. Good news for all "Global Warming Doomsayers." Downside to cooling: more snow like last crazy winter, acid rain perhaps...

Is that you God? What? We're all stuffed? Apocalypse? The Mayans were right?!


Good news though... All airports currently open. Stay that way, until past Wednesday afternoon at least, please!

Image Source: NASA/GSFC, MODIS Rapid Response.

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