Sunday, May 9, 2010

Laptop's Last Legs

Quite apart from my being exceedingly upset about my ancient six year old laptop crawling on its last legs and crashing at a constant five minute intervals, I must still continue warbling on about the volcano and its continuing path of chaos that it leads us to. Doing this will also help me forget that my stupid laptop is really annoying me, and all I want to do is chuck it out of my 10th floor apartment window!

So Germany has closed Munich airport, and disruptions are felt in Spain, France and Italy (as reported in my previous posts). It seems the ash cloud is moving, but very slowly, which also means it's staying in that golden zone in the atmosphere where it is deemed to affect all air traffic safety (although not proven yet). The worst part, it's starting to spread a bit in Central Europe (which means I'm going to be in trouble soon).

I think the most irritating bit of it all is the controlling body of European Air Traffic, Eurocontrol. On their website they are neither clear nor comprehensible. They keep rambling on about that they "expect approximately [number] flights within European area" and that this "is about [number] below normal."

These are the people who are in charge and calling the shots affecting not just European wide economic balance, but civilians by the bucket load. These people can't even be specific about what they are being put in charge to do. As a best practice, generally if you don't have enough evidence to support your comments in a press release, don't mention it. Always, always be specific when it comes to numbers (and make sure they are correct, obviously).

What a disaster... As long as the volcano in Iceland keeps spewing ash and dust, and as long as these idiotic Eurocrats are in charge, we are all going to be driven very quickly into the Dark Ages. Forget the skies everyone. Let's stick to cars, trains and boats. Oh yeah... Only if these Socialistic Eurocrats idiots stop people from striking (i.e. strike and get fired). Otherwise, no cars, no trains, no boats. Who fancies a walk?

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