Sunday, May 6, 2012


No, it's not some new superhero. If you been reading news on the net, you'd have seen it. It happened yesterday when the Moon got closer to the Earth making it appear bigger and brighter than normal. I looked for it yesterday, after reading about it for weeks. Guess what? Not a thing. Why? Because the city I'm in is perpetually covered with a thick grey mass that sometimes chucks down with rain, sometimes hail and sometimes snow and sleet. Any kind of meteorological or astronomical event is totally wasted here. Sigh...

But what is very interesting is what I just read on BBC News. Did you know that the word "lunatic" comes from this yearly event owing to the Moon's elliptical orbit? Apparently, people used to believe that more criminal behaviour is observed on this particular day - which is untrue of course. Imagine, people's actions being governed by the orbit of the moon... Sounds like a Batman comic if you ask me!

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