Friday, April 6, 2012

GT86 test ride (soon) and news from GAZOO Racing

I'm going slightly overboard with this Toyota GT86 thing, but bear with me. It's a great car, if all the reviews are something to go by. And quite frankly, most of the reviews I've seen - some posted here - have said that it's the best car Toyota ever made. So with good reason, I'm damn excited about the car. And good news came my way today: I've won a chance to get driven by professional drivers in just under a week around a track! I hope we'll go sideways all the way!

More good news as well today, this time from GAZOO Racing. If you'll remember, GAZOO is the racing (and other automotive business) arm of Toyota Motor Corporation. For this year's N├╝rburgring 24 Hours, they'll be racing a GR Toyota 86 and an LFA as with last year. Check out the awesome pic of the car they'll be bringing!

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Image source: Toyota Europe

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