Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Zuck Goes Insane

It seems everyone's been up in arms about a new feature he is about to unleash on us. They want us to give them our phone numbers and addresses so that they can share it with their app developers to send us text messages and spam in general.

Privacy on facebook has been a terrible thing for the past year or two. Vie actually had to spend a good few hours to figure out how to set it up exactly the way I want it. Yes, they do have all the options you may want, but to get to it is actually the tricky part.

Look, I've been on facebook for several years. I think at last count it was passing 6 or 7 years by now. It's really one of the best inventions on earth in my opinion and as soon as it became popular and all of my friends around to world started taking it up, it made it even more amazing. Its my central point of contact instead of an annoying phone book which needs to be manually updated.

With a touch of a button on the computer, or the phone, I can concoct any one of my friends spread around the globe. What an amazing thing to have! And it can do it just about anywhere, anytime to catch one of the 700+ friends I have.

If Mark Zuckerberg is really planning to pull this stunt on us, I will seriously quit. I hate phones. Honesty. I hate talking to people I can't see. You miss out much like this and I just hate it. That's why SMS is my preferred method. I only use the phone as a matter of convenience and for work because there's no choice.

Please Mark, don't be a geeky douchebag on this. It is not necessary. You already own most of us! No need to compete against God to see who is the real almighty, right?

- Coming straight from my iPad

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