Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Adopting Early

I just came across a really funny realisation which I thought I would share with you. Every Apple product I've had up to now, has been the First Generation of it's type.

In 2005/6, under the strenous convincings of my friend Mike, I picked up the 1st Generation iPod Nano. Then when Steve Jobs announced the release of a multi-touch iPod, the iPod Touch and I was one of the first in Belgium to pick one up.

Interestingly, I placed an order weeks before it was stocked in the Mac Stores and kept phoning them every few days to check if the stock has arrived. One evening, while leaving the office in 2007/8, I got a call saying the stock arrived and they offered me to pick up before the store closed. Rushing into town, I think I really was one of the first ones in the country to get mine.

Then my friend sold me his 1st Generation iPhone 16GB when he was tired of it. Sadly, this has now broken and there is no warranty for what is technically a third-hand good. If you're wondering what broke... It was the digitiser which tells the computer what my finger is doing. Since its a touch interface, it made the device quite useless.

As you'll undoubtedly know, I've just picked up my 32GB iPad Wifi + 3G after a friend kindly offered to bring one back from the US when he was there during the Christmas break.

First Generation all the way, and always an early adopter!

Oh yeah, when I got the iPod Touch, I kindly gave my Nano to a friend and if I remember correctly, she lost it. Nice one, darling. Then I sold my Touch to fund my iPhone to a colleague. The rest is history.

Weirdly, I cannot buy an iPhone 4 no matter how hard I try. The reseller in Belgium, no Steve didn't want to sell it from his own shops, is actually a local GSM provider called Mobistar and they are crap. The people in the shops are rude and unhelpful. No one wanted to sell me a phone. So my choice is quite simple: I'll never buy any Apple things in Belgium anymore in protest. Maybe at some point Steve will hear my cries of help!

Following my trend through this realisation, I think I will end up not getting another iPhone unless they come up with something completely different.

And you know what? I'm a massive convert thanks to Mike. So it'll still be quite easy for me to go back to not liking Apple... Please Steve, I've been a good customer. Please help me get what I want!

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