Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tough Time? Not really

What is it that generates more satisfaction? Is it doing something easy requiring very little effort? Or is it tackling something hard, encounter many challenges, falling a few times, but in the end crossing the finish line?

After this week, I would say the latter.

I do have to first apologise to my readers, and to myself, for not keeping up this blog since I got my iPad. I did quite clearly mention that I will be incapacitated for sometime until everything is set up. Well, I couldn't find a free app to work with Blogger. I have now, though. And I hope this works.

It's been a tough week considering I had several deadlines to meet at work and my health condition deteriorated drastically last Friday. I think I've caught whatever flu it is that's flying around Europe and being transmitted person to person in not very airy places, like an office, an elevator, and what not. I had to produce one rather important document, which is now in the public domain. And I had to make sure another one was sorted out on time and properly.

Furthermore, I have to finish off our internal newsletter. And let me tell you, it's tough. The last edition last year was hard enough since nothing much really happens in December and most of the people in your contact list are on vacation already. Pretty much the same scenario now, with people coming back from their holidays and still nothing really happening per se.

Anyways progress is good on this front and I am pretty sure I'll meet my deadlines with some very welcomed help from my colleagues. It's really good to be in a team where you have backups and everyone can share the workload.

So, back to the original thought then. Why is it better when it's tough like this? To be honest, it can be pretty horrible while you're at it, but the rewards just feel so much better. You've climbed over a big mountain and reached the summit, and that view is just spectacular. Hearing a colleague say thank you because I helped write his press release, and it being well-received, is just fantastic! He's worked so hard on it, and he deserves to see his project come to fruition in such a positive way. Makes me a happy guy too!

Not much rest before the next big batch of things are coming up so I better catch all the break I can this weekend and get well to start off another exciting week!

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