Monday, December 20, 2010

Latest News: New Use for Ice Scraper

You know those plastic ice scraper things to get rid of ice and snow on your car in the mornings, in the freezing cold? Well I always thought those things were for the outside of the car. Not anymore after tonight's commute back home.

I got in the car, and turned on all the de-misting and de-fogging things in the car's centre console, and waited, listening to my MJ album. After a considerable amount of time, I realised that the foggy stuff on my windscreen is just not going away. Being slightly impatient, and wanting to go home since my car was -4°C inside, I took out my trusty cloth from the glove compartment and started to wipe the affected windscreen.

You'll never guess, but the moisture in my breath during the morning commute, froze on the windscreen. When I wiped it, it just remained and felt very hard... Like ice! I took out my trusty ice scraper thing and started to scrape the inside of my windscreen, prompting some very funny looks from my colleagues in the car park. It worked, and flakes of ice started falling on my dashboard.


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