Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Boys are Back - Top Gear

I just finally managed to catch the return episode of Top Gear that I somehow managed to miss yesterday evening. I'm quite gutted actually. I've had little time to follow the Top Gear forum (official and non-official ones) for some time now. The last thing I remember seeing is that they are coming back in the new year because there are no slots on the BBC scheduling and they weren't ready.

Well, they came back with a Tuesday night episode last night and I missed it. But, no worries... I was still able to catch up, albeit one day late.

It was hilarious! They poked some well-deserved fun at the Stig - who abandoned the show to chase after personal glory. They even brought in an old Top Gear stalwart, Tiffany Dell (yes, I know it's Tiff Nedell, but it always sounded like Tiffany) as "Emergency Stig". That's a real good laugh. Not to mention the pokes on Americans, as usual for a British TV show. But the quote:

"I've put the Christmas Tree out with 'pussy'!"

That was really the best part of the show. Great way to come back with a bang. I can't wait for the Boxing Day special from Iraq to Bethlehem.

The Boys are Back!

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