Friday, August 13, 2010

US$ 1,000,000 Speeding Fine

The previous record holder of speeding fines was set in January this year by a Swiss citizen who drove his Ferrari Testarossa through a Swiss village at 137km/h, caught and landed with a $290,000 fine set by a Swiss court. The reason why the speeding fines are so high in Switzerland is because they take into account, not just the recorded speed, but also the personal wealth of the driver (in this case, around $22.7m).

A Swedish driver has now smashed the record when he took his Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG onto the Swiss roads and was picked up at 290km/h, just shy of the 317km/h top speed (by the way, it was 170km/h over the speed limit). He basically maxed out the 563 hp, 6-litre V8 SLS AMG on Swiss roads. Either he didn't know that the Swiss are a bit anal about speeding on their roads, or he really just couldn't care less.

But you know what? Not to make fun out of the dude with a $1m fine - which I'm assuming he can afford since his personal wealth is taken into account - but what an amazing bit of news to wake me up this morning! Good job!

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