Monday, August 30, 2010

Belgian GP

Today's F1 race was definitely quite fun. The micro-climate at Spa once again threw everything up in the air and let a lot more luck into the equation than you would normally expect in F1.

The Mercedes GP cars of Schumi and Rosberg did well to come back from their respective penalties to claim 6th and 7th places. And inspiring start for Schumi saw him jump something like 6 people before Eau Rouge. He kept his nose clean and showed what he can really do in the wet and given the chance.

What was quite interesting is that, while fighting for track position, Vettel planted his nose right into the side pod of reigning Champion Button. Vettel had to limp back into the pits to repair his nose whereas Button was out completely.

Replay showed Vettel trying to pass Button changing direction more than once, ending up losing control and slamming right into Button. What was the penalty? A drive through for causing an avoidable accident.

I seem to recall Schumi getting a massive 10-place drop for "nearly causing an accident" when he fought with former team mate Rubens Barrichello on track and seemingly pressured him very close to the pit wall. No accident, both drivers finished the race. All that happened was an extra element of excitement was chucked into the race.

The FIA needs to review their system of stewardship and make it consistent and fair!

Still... Very much lamenting not being there like last year. Two years, in the paddocks. Last year, in the Toyota F1 motor home and meeting more than half the field, especially Bernie. First time in 6-years I've been in Belgium and not being at Spa for the F1 weekend! So annoying!

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