Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Quick Word

I haven't been very good at following up with the blog recently but it's because I'm busy and I got lazy. Apologies all around!

The Turkish GP took place last weekend with the McLarens taking advantage of a coming together of the sure winners, Red Bull Racing. Hamilton won leading a 1-2 finish of his team mate Button. Webber came a miserable 3rd when he and his team mate were in front from the start.

Another driver who benefited was Michael Schumacher, who managed to keep clean and come 4th. From what I was able to see during the race and through the live timing feeds, Schumi and Rosberg for Mercedes GP were best of the rest. The McLarens and Red Bulls were absolutely unassailable in front, but Mercedes GP was the next fastest of the rest of the pack.

Good job to Mercedes. Although some more revolutionary upgrades will be needed to keep up and try get to the front.

The biggest thing here was the Super 14 final between the Stormers and the Bulls. Due to the short time to the FIFA World Cup, the rugby game was moved to Soweto. There was a big hype about this with commentators talking about reconciliation, etc. Still the point was the Stormers were well and truly beaten. They played without aim and very sloppy. There were some outstanding plays but you simply should not continuously lose on penalties.

Leaving tomorrow, very sadly. Today's the logistics nightmare day... Very stressed!

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