Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spanish GP Qualifying

Once again, everyone is talking about Michael Schumacher's performance. For this weekend's race Mercedes GP brought along some new improvements to try catch up with the rest of the field. They've extended the wheelbase and changed the engine cover to have two intakes on either side - quite a different approach to the modern F1 car design.

The practice sessions went well for Schumi, who out-performed Nico Rosberg (his team mate) in every session. But then the Qualifying came, and yes, Schumi out-qualified Nico again, but people are once again going on about how he couldn't carry the pace on, etc, etc.

What a bunch of rubbish. I think we can only make a judgement after the race tomorrow. But from all comments I've seen, everyone agrees that Schumi is driving much better with the updated car. Something interesting I've heard as well is that Michael's car was damaged through the kerbs in Bahrain and the team could not do a full repair until the races moved back to Europe.

It will be interesting to see what the strategies will be, since Red Bull seems to be miles in front of everyone else. No need to make such quick judgement on Schumi after four sessions I think.

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