Thursday, April 22, 2010

22 April 2010: Number 3

The long, and painfully, awaited episode number 201 of the long running Comedy Central show South Park was finally released yesterday. All day, media outlets are reporting that South Park has gone to far and may have crossed that very fine line. It seems all media outlets based their reports on a blog posted by - and this is not reported by anyone - an American JEW who turned Islam. Now this post, and you can read about it in my previous posts, threatened the creators of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, with death and retribution for their 200th episode, which featured Muhammad in a bear costume. The crazy blogger threatened their deaths similar to that of a Dutch journalist who angered the Muslim faith - he was killed by Islamic radicals.

By the way, if my understanding is correct, Jews don't like Muslims very much, right? Although, ironically, they all come from the same stem of religious belief, together with Christianity.

I may have commented too early on the latest episode on my Facebook page (mental note to self: "remove comment after updating blog") because something just popped up on my page. I have to read it first before I can continue writing about it.

Basically, what I thought was that the extra censorship in the episode - where the name "Muhammad" could not be spoken and Tom Cruise being "black-boxed" after receiving the "goo" from Muhammad - were intentionally created as a very sophisticated and fantastic joke. But it turns out, this may not have completely been the case. Since I've ranted on enough, why don't we wait until the smoke clears before continuing further?


Image Source: South Park Studios

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