Sunday, August 4, 2013

BBC blunders

Tonight, Top Gear concluded their final episode of the series (darn) with a wonderful tribute to British motoring. It was a dignified, uplifting, Elgar-esque (Nimrod-themed) affair. Even though one knows Top Gear is pro-British (for a rather international programme, watched by 300+ million around the world), one has to marvel at what Britain has to offer.

Best of British motoring lined up in front of Buckingham Palace
Oddly, directly after the emotional tribute, the BBC decides to air a show about the might of the German automotive industry and how it overtook the one in Britain. That's ridiculously contradictory... The programming director was either trying to be very even footed (as is the rule for BBC), or just plain mad. I'm leaning towards the latter...

Clarkson has come straight on to Twitter to share his displeasure:
What a shame...

Image source: BBC Top Gear/Sniff Petrol

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