Wednesday, July 11, 2012 goes inside LFA Works clean room

Circular loom, one of two in the world (image courtesy TTAC)
The adventure of TTAC's Bertel Schmitt continues inside the clean room at LFA Works - the birthplace of each and every of the 500 Lexus LFAs. Read about it here. The third part of this five part exclusive series will be online later on today on TTAC. Keep an eye out!


Barely out of our white garments, we don masks again. This time, it is for our protection. Breathing microscopic carbon fibers could be hazardous to my health, I am told, as we approach a wondrous machine. It reminds me of the circular loom that was invented at Toyota in 1906, and became part of the foundation of Toyota’s later fortunes.  The new circular loom weaves carbon fiber and could become an important part of Toyota’s future.

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