Monday, April 2, 2012

Is Vettel losing his cool?

The Maysian Grand Prix was really fun to watch. It brought back good memories of a mixed up grid like it was in Canada last year, thanks to the changing weather conditions. But something more interesting is Vettel's new lack of composure. Red Bull isn't doing well on track because their car isn't that competitive. The new 2012 contender definitely isn't performing well in Qualifying.

After the last race, Vettel is now only sixth in the Drivers' Championship. When he was asked about his altercation with Karthikeyan, he called the Indian driver an "idiot" and a "cucumber". There were also visible fingered gestures from the on-board footage.

So, not really the coolest cat in the paddock anymore now is he? Compare that to the ├╝ber composed Schumi!

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