Monday, October 3, 2011

Jezza's live action Forza 4 trailer

Jalopnik called it "Jeremy Clarkson’s epic Forza Motorsport 4 live-action trailer" and how right they were. It's really quite spectacularly beautiful and really rather epic. The ad, featuring a frustrated petrolhead stuck in any city you can imagine, in congestion, and general greyness and misery, finding an outlet through an Aston Martin.

I'm definitely a proponent for ads to have some emotion. If an ad campaign cannot touch you in some way, it probably doesn't work because it isn't too memorable. Not only is this 2:40 ad packed with emotion, it also speaks to the petrolhead in most of us (probably most of you reading this blog post).

I read just now on another car blog (can't remember which) saying that the message is not quite positive, in the sense that the ad says we're no longer able to enjoy the real, physical sensations and emotions stemming from driving the real car in real driving roads. It's partially true. It's not that the message is a mistake, it's just that one needs to take this ad with a pinch of salt - not so literally. It is a shame that the message is partially accurate, but if you look a bit further, Jezza is telling you there is an outlet, not that it's going to give you the same feelings...

Pity, then, that I won't try this game out any time soon. I'm a bit of a PS3 man myself and never moved towards Xbox... After this post, I'll be playing F1 2011 :p

Quite apart from the Shell/Ferrari F1 ad from about four years ago (argh... how time flies and how old I feel!), this is one of the few motoring related ads that really gets me. The voiceover on this Forza ad is quite fantastic, and with Jezza of Top Gear on top of it just makes it a winner. Good job well done, it has to be said for Turn 10 Studios.

Have a watch, you won't regret it!

Just to help ease the Monday Blues, here's the Shell/Ferrari ad I talked about.

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