Thursday, September 1, 2011

Perfect storm

I'm sitting in Sardinia staring out into the distance at the vast Mediterranean. Way out in the distance, a fierce thunderstorm is blasting away. It's a fascinating experience. I don't recall ever having seen a storm from far away. In general, I'm always in the middle of one.

It looks like a scene straight out of Star Trek with flashes of light in the clouds which remain invisible against the night sky. Occasionally a massive bolt strikes down at the edge of the storm front and reveals it's absolute magnificence.

All I hear are some crickets in the distance and the gentle waves washing up on the shores a little bit down from where I'm sitting. There's also a gentle draft rustling the trees and a small black cat belonging to the neighbours meowing once in a while. It's really quite an eerie experience not hearing the thunder's roar.

The flashes of light glow a light orange hue in the distance and the three or four big lightning bolts are not as electric white as I would have imagined. It also glows a bit yellow with a tinge of orange.

I might end up sitting here all night to watch this show of the force of nature...

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