Thursday, August 11, 2011

Belgium could share #F1 with France today reported that the F1 Belgium Grand Prix organisers are discussing with Bernie Ecclestone to host alternate F1 races together with France. Organisers in France has been trying to get Paul Ricard back onto the F1 calendar as the French Grand Prix.

If it all works out this way, France could have its first F1 race since Magny-Cours was dropped after 2008, and the F1 circus returning to Paul Ricard since 1990.

It would be a pity for Belgium to lose the yearly race, but recent rumblings and media reports have once again thrown the event into uncertainty. Belgian media reported complaints by locals in the region surrounding the 7 km Spa-Francorchamps circuit for noise pollution not too long ago.

In any case, France is quite adament to host a yaerly race at Paul Ricard, meaning Belgium may still keep the annual race in the Ardennes mountains.

Image source: Krypton Zone (c) 2011 Entertainment (from 2009 F1 Belgian Grand Prix)

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