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The Hangover: Part II (2011)

I've just watched the single most disturbing movie in my life so far... It's called "Very Bad Trip 2". No, actually what I meant was "The Hangover: Part II". The first title is the French translation for the word "hangover" and something I've always ridiculed and never understood. If the French want to translate English titled, fine, but then why translate something into an English, yes, English phrase? Urgh...

Back to the movie. It's funny, actually. My friend pointed out that the last two trips to the cinema have both been Brad Cooper movies. First one, a few months ago, was "Limitless" which I found fascinating and quite entertaining. This one though... Wow!

I'm still reeling from it. Its incredible that a movie like this actually made it to the cinemas. I would have thought that the various film organisations and parental blahs would have blocked it from ever leaving the editing room. At this point, I should point out that "disturbing" does not mean that the movie was bad. In fact, apart from the rancourous porn and ladyboys with everything laid bare to see, it was very funny and very entertaining.

The movie lost a bit of imagination because you can clearly see that the writers just realised that the first movie worked. Why change the formula? You see a mathematical portrayal of what the writers thought would appeal to the greater audience, not a creative piece. Not to worry, I think most of us enjoy a good brainless entertaining movie once in a while. Artsy stuff... Pffffff... Who really wants to waste two hours trying to figure something out after paying 10 bucks?

I've had some doubts before going to see it, after reading that the critics all generally gave it rather bad reviews. I think it got something like 35% on Rotten Tomatoes. Well, some of their concerns were correct without a doubt. However, how many movies that receive great reviews and amazing scores on Rotten Tomatoes actually have an audience, mostly non-English native speakers, bursting with laughter and openly swearing throughout? Not many...

The music was good, as with the first one. The crazy Mr Chow got a much bigger part in this film, which doesn't mean that it made it better. He was the second half of the rancourous porn. In the first movie, he only showed he's rear-end when he jumped around whacking people with a crowbar. Now he's lying on a crappy hotel room covered in blankets and his lower parts showing - then they got a monkey to do some rather nasty things with it.

Another really disturbing part of the movie is that the monkey is a heavy smoker. He lights up and drags deep into his tiny lungs. I thought all movies have to declare that they didn't mistreat animals. This is just plain sick!

So, all in all, I need to go to therapy after this traumatic, yet entertaining, experience. I think I'll skip things like South Park for a while and just rewatch all the Disney movies from the Disney Renaissance period: The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King. I might get back some of my sanity with some good wholesome fun...

Watch The Hangover: Part II at your peril. One word of advice: don't bring family, children, parents or girlfriends along! If you want to watch it, go on your own!

Edit May 30, 06:38:

I forgot to mention that a really special celebrity makes a really amazing guest appearance right at the end of the movie, just when everything seems to have worked out and gone back to normal. This special guest also does something spectacular is their cameo. Absolutely worth watching!

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