Tuesday, April 26, 2011

And... We're Back!

After several turbulent years, I have finally reclaimed the domains kryptonzone.com and kryptonzone.org. I first registered the .com domain more than six years ago, but due to some disagreements with the hosting entity, I was forced to relinquish the domain. I decided not to let my domain die, and become part of a scam, so I proceeded to register the .org domain.

The company I paid to register is called Micfo. I also signed up for them to host my site. Sadly, after several years of good service, they decided to let it slip while hiking their prices. Once again, I had to let my domain go. I had originally planned to re-register the domain through another service, but Micfo put up a fight, not willing to release the account.

Finally, after some patient months, I have been able to register the domains. I've even picked up the .info one for a bargain.

Until I've figured out what to do with them, they will be forwarded to this blog. And with that... We're back!

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