Thursday, March 31, 2011

So Little Time...

[Written two weeks ago, post error at the time]

After a little over a week of what I call 'an intense South African journey', it's time to pack up and go back to Belgium and resume my life there. The feeling is a mixture of incredible sadness, but also one of great joy.

Why sad? Well, I'm once again going to leave the country where my heart remains, and will always remain. I was able to discover South Africa in its whole in the 21st Century during my time here. The last time I shot around the country was in 1991 when it was still coming out of Apartheid. The changes in the past two decades have been phenomenal. It's hard to say goodbye to this wonderful land and its amazing people...

Great joy comes in the form of just that. I saw a South Africa which pulled itself from the brink of destruction with Apartheid to the African Miracle it is. The people are still as nice as I've always known them to be. This trip also offered me a great opportunity meet new people and make new friends.

Thank you again South Africa and thank you to everyone who helped make my trip back here such a wonderful and unforgettable experience once again.

I leave this post with a picture taken on the majestic Table Mountain this afternoon where I was able to embrace, what I believe is, the world's most significant landmark.

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Location:Bellville,South Africa

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