Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weird News...

I've just woken up on another cold and brisk morning. Apparently it feels like 1°C outside, according to my weather report. It's cold, not just for October, but in general I think. Man...

When I got up from my bed, I did what I normally do: turned on my laptop and checked the news. On the BBC News website, I got a bit of a shock because the normal layout with a series of key news items did not show up. I thought I was on the wrong page when I saw this:

As it is the morning, and it's about 07:00, you can probably understand why it did take me a few minutes to finally get my head around it. But then I switched to CNN after finding no news of importance to me and saw this:

What on earth is going on? How can this Chilean miners thing possibly be the biggest news story today? Even if it the biggest, what makes it the most important news of the day? Why are all the media outlets changing their presentation to focus on this? Look at that stupid graphic on CNN. It's like a post-election report.

I don't know about you, but I have no interest in these miners at all. Yes, I do feel extremely sorry for them and I am very sympathetic. But they have had so much coverage and it's nothing extraordinary. The mine collapsed and they got trapped. They keep getting food and water from the outside on a regular basis. They were even given cameras and signed soccer shirts to keep their morale up. NASA has offered to jump in with some method of keeping these people sane, as did everyone else when they realised what kind of publicity this would do for them.

There is simply nothing of interest. It's not even human interest story anymore. Once again, we have a case where all the media just jumped in without really thinking about it. What a waste of time, especially mine!

Image sources: BBC News, International

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