Sunday, October 24, 2010

Korean Grand Prix Latest

So I woke up at 7 AM to watch the first ever Formula 1 race hosted by South Korea especially as it was shaping up to be quite an interesting race. At this moment, we have 5 drivers who can still win the Championship. The race track looked a bit odd in 2D map form when I checked it out earlier this year before the track was actually finally completed, but it turns out to be a great flowing race track and looks quite interesting.

What's happening now though... 1.5 hours into my early morning, nothing. The race "started" under Safety Car conditions and after 4 short laps, it was Red Flagged. The race has now stopped due to weather conditions. It's pouring with rain with standing water all over the place, but that's not really the biggest issue. It seems that due to the really new track surface, it makes the race impossible.

Let's see how it goes.

09:54 CET: So the race actually started after 18 laps behind the Safety Car. It was very interesting after the restart especially as the Mercedes GP drivers of Rosberg and Schumi took full advantage and managed to make their way up. Then it all suddenly ended again with Webber (Championship leader) running slightly wide and ramming against the wall and taking Rosberg out with him. So Safety Car back out for a few more laps, and it's about to go back in again after the carnage from Webber is cleared out.

10:59 CET: What an eventful and absolutely fun race eventually. With the light completely gone, and everyone driving blind Alonso finishes 1st followed by Hamilton, Massa and Schumi. Vettel's engine blows up near the end of the race. And guess what? Alonso is laughing madly in his cockpit because he is now leading the World Championship! Amazing! Great race!

It's been great that the FIA decided to go ahead with the race. It was a great shot in the arm for decision making by the governing body. If they decided to "wuss" out of the race today, it would have been detrimental to the credibility of the sport.

Also very interesting to see how after 42 laps, Vettel said the light is terrible and the race should stop whereas Hamilton - who spent all day asking why the race is postponed or behind the Safety Car - wanted to race to keep going and get going. It just shows who wants to take risks and which driver wants to keep it safe and make sure the corporate business end of things are being taken care of.

Look how dark it is! Goodness me!
 Image source: Screen capture from FOM World Feed.

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