Wednesday, September 8, 2010

US Church Qur'an Burning

I just read that a small church in Florida, US will go ahead with their plan to burn Qur'ans on the anniversary of 9/11. Short of staying as far as possible from trying to involve myself in this "religious conflict," I simply have to talk about this because it is so preposterous.

Jesus Christ is known as Nabi Isa in the Islamic faith. He was known as a prophet or messenger of God (of course in Islam God is Allah) instead of God's son or an incarnation of God. Nabi Isa is mentioned no less than twenty-five times in the Qur'an which also mentions that he was born to Mary in a virginal conception, that he was to lead the ministry of Jews and that he was allowed to perform miracles by the act of God.

Everyone is going on about how many troops will be killed in Afghanistan if this burning plan goes ahead. People like Hillary Clinton, the commanders in Afghanistan, NATO, etc have all jumped in with their voice of concern over the retaliation to be. But the really amazing thing about it all is that this small church is burning a sacred text which supports the existence and, in some ways, the authority of their own Messiah - Jesus Christ.

Might as well go burn Bibles right? It amounts to exactly the same thing then... I think people of the Islamic faith will actually find this irony so funny that they would just pass it for a bunch of uneducated idiots being as stupid as humanly possible. They won't even dignify this action with a response to sink that low in IQ levels.

Did you know?

Judaism, Christianity and Islam all originated from about the same kind of time and same kind of place in what is now the Middle East? They were the three main monotheistic religions to come out and to survive until this day. All of this stems from the religious beliefs of Zoroastrianism in the region of current day Iran. the correlations of stories between the three religions is absolutely fascinating. Yet, some idiot would always start a war based on their own faith, which in turn is based on their sacred text, which in turn actually somewhat reflect what the enemy's sacred text says. Why do we allow these ignorant and foolish people to take charge in the first place?

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