Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Uruguay 1 - 3 Netherlands

After two amazing goals in the first-half - one from each team, both long distance shots with the Jabulani ball ending up in the back of the net past a rather confounded goal keeper - the Dutch came in with two further goals in quick succession to take full control of the game. The Dutch goal was particularly breathtaking since nobody really thought it was going to go in. One of which could be off-side, but was a close call, took a deflection off the defender. The next came in the form of a classic header.

While I'm writing the post, Uruguay just came in on the 2nd of three minutes of stoppage time to claim a second goal to make it 2-3. But the Dutch confidently march into the 2010 FIFA World Cup Finals!

Turned out to be a surprisingly interesting game. Much more than I imagined!

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