Thursday, July 29, 2010

Planktons Lost

In a recent BBC article, it was reported that the world is suffering the dangerous decline of plankton in the oceans.

Writing in the journal Nature, scientists say the [plankton] decline appears to be linked to rising water temperatures.

This for me is really irritating. Why do they automatically blame the 1% per year decline immediately on "global warming". At this point, still no convincing evidence can be given for the theory of "global warming".

Could it not be that the cut on whaling means that more whales are around and that they are eating up more of these microscopic animals in the bottom of the food chain? Maybe the world's whale population is a lot more than we actually know about.

Do we have eyes in every part of the vast oceans that cover 71% of the globe? How can we be certain that the temperatures are rising? I'm sure the temperature hasn't changed at all at certain depths in the ocean since it's so cold and dark down there anyways.

Anyways, towards the end of the article, you get the sense that they actually don't know what is going on. And worst of all, they seem to bring up the conclusion that they don't really know why they even bothered with the article.

You know what? The Earth has been around for so long, and species adapt to continually changing conditions and environments. If they didn't, they die. Sound Darwinian? That's because it is. Science is about fact, not about assumptions and guesstimates.

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