Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup Update

Well, day two is over and we haven't even scraped the surface yet. The games are looking good, and some very interesting outcomes have been achieved. South Korea managed a 2-0 win against Greece. Team USA managed a 1-1 draw against England in a very exciting match. Most importantly, South Africa drew fantastically 1-1 with Mexico in the opening match.

I've heard some differing comments on the famous vuvuzelas, making its way into international consciousness. Some like it and think it's fun, and some don't. Actually, some people have been quite violent against it. To those who disapprove of these traditional trumpets from South Africa, I say this to you:

The Vuvuzela is a cultural icon. As such, the organising body, FIFA, has been supportive of this movement. It defines South African soccer. If you're not in the stadium going slightly deaf, then you really shouldn't be complaining. Have you tried turning the volume lower? Do you prefer 80 000 air horns blaring away? Because I'm sure they are much louder and more destructive to human ears.

Every nation, every sport has it's ways to make noise to show support. People use whistles, air horns, plastic things to bang together... etc. This is how it is. And the "damage" that the vuvuzela's "can cause" is just absolute rubbish. I've never heard any South Africa reporting loss of hearing or permanent damage to their ears after attending a match.

You know what? Motor racing, especially Formula 1 during the V10 era, is far more damaging. Try go to an F1 race and you will see. Ear plugs are absolutely essential.

Just enjoy the game, and forget all this negativity. Please... It's the one opportunity every 4 years the whole world can come together and celebrate. You know what? I know I'll take flak for this, but if you don't like it... Tough!

Image Source: Krypton Zone (c) 2010 Entertainment

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