Friday, June 4, 2010

Giant Vuvu!

I have to post this... It's really amazing. There is a gigantic vuvuzela on top of the unfinished overpass in Cape Town (by the V&A Waterfront). It seems like a publicity stunt by Hyundai. Good job! Although, you might make it bright, day-glo yellow or orange next time (just a hint).

Oh, if you don't know what a vuvuzela is, just watch a game of the FIFA World Cup starting next Friday and you'll probably get it if you think there is either a fly, a bee, some other insect, or a swarm of creepy crawlies flying around you while you're watching the game. A vuvuzela is a big plastic trumpet which makes a very distinctive honking sound. It should only be one note (if played properly), and it should be piercingly loud and sharp.

Image Source: Krypton Zone (c) 2010 Entertainment

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