Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bad Calls

Sadly, after a very exciting day's football, the only thing that will be remembered is how two occasions today the referee made horrible mistakes instead of the nine goals on the tally.

A goal was inexplicably disallowed in the England vs. Germany game which signed off on the return ticket for the English team. Then Tevez scored for Argentina when he was very clearly off-side.

Maybe FIFA should bring the game to a level like all other major world sports when it comes to technology. Formula 1 uses video replays, so does cricket and rugby. Ke nako, it’s time!

Of course I also see the other side of the story where we keep going on without the benefit of technology. It’ll allow the game to stay more fluid. But you simply cannot justify this when the replays are shown on the big screens where everyone in the stadium can see and form their own opinion. It hurts the player more than anything to be honest…

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