Friday, May 21, 2010

Week 1

It's been an interesting week. Was quite ill in the beginning, some kind of allergy but meds helped.

Weather quite nice bit chilly in the evening though. Still, I'm not complaining if it's 24-deg Celsius and the sun is out!

Following the continued craziness of the volcano in Iceland. It seems BA was successful to avoid a strike. Good for them! Idiotic unions not thinking long term. What happens if BA goes under because of the strikes? It means all employees are out of jobs! And they are very close to going under after the financial crisis and volcanic disaster.

Edit 21/5: The courts approved Unite's appeal and now the strikes will go ahead for a 15-day period. BA also posted its biggest loss since the 80's. I fear this is going to put them in a very poor position soon.

Still, at Hout Bay having seafood at Mariner's Wharf. Brings back memories. Yum!

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