Thursday, May 6, 2010

Google's New Look

I've just noticed that seems to have been given quite a make-over. The buttons are different, the search bar is thicker than before, and the search results are much more "modern." I think Google was getting a bit old (I hope Google doesn't deactivate my blog since they are kindly hosting it) and a new make-over is good for its image.

Still, on first glance, I don't really like it very much. However, after a quick search here and there, and I can see the point. It will take some getting used to since the image search option is now also on the left hand side-bar. The change is a bit bigger than my initial grasp.

I suppose this is part of the game in the world of technology. Things change, and you have two choices: adapt or be left behind. These days you have to accept change and then make sure you follow through. It can be tough and even for a techie like me. And with age, things get ingrained in your mode and it gets harder and harder to try drag the "old ways" out and replace it with something new!

Is it just me or did they also recolour their logo?

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